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  • Marketing Manager, Marketing Sales Execution 03.10.2013

    We have used 800 Adept® for many years to help us with our call routing, management reporting with regards to call quality indicators and for helping us map and target local sales opportunities using 800 Adept’s mapping and geo-coding expertise. I have always found them to be cost effective and responsive to our needs. 800 Adept® has been great to work with.

  • Vice President, New Business Development 03.10.2013

    800 Adept® really came through for us right from the beginning. When we started our 800 number services, we had a very tight timeline to get our service up and running due to marketing plans. 800 Adept® worked with us to quickly develop a great call distribution and reporting system. We have been with 800 Adept® now for almost five years and they are the most responsive and reliable vendor we do business with.

  • President, Motor Club 17.10.2013

    It was evident that the cost of [Motor Club] operations was rising at a rate greater than prices could be increased. We needed to cut expenses to maintain our margins. I became aware of 800 Adept® and after discussions, had their system installed. We first tested the system in our tow truck dispatching area and within 6 months expanded it to 100% of the application. The results of the roll out mirrored the test and we were very pleased with all aspects of the process. We saved 2/3 of the expense of using 100% live operators and the customer service rating not only did not go down but actually increased.

    The transition went very smoothly and the account service was excellent. I would use 800 Adept® in any future application where possible.

  • Executive, Insurance Industry 17.10.2013

    800 Adept’s routing system is by far the best and easiest program we have ever used. Their system offers us the flexibility and diverse offerings we have searched for over the last 9 years. 800 Adept’s customer service matches my company’s philosophy of providing the customer an unmatched experience. We look forward to working with them for many years to come!

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800 Adept® stands alone in the flexibility and accuracy that can increase the success of your marketing efforts.  For over 15 years we have specialized in helping consumers reach our Clients with Customized Call Routing Solutions, IVR and Call Tracking & Reporting.  800 Adept® also offers Marketing Tools to help our Clients reach out to their potential customers with Click to Call, Broadcast Messages and Lead Generators ...
800 Adept's main objective is to be the vanguard for advancement and innovations in telephone routing technologies and strategic market analysis. We will work to develop premier products and services as well as the most comprehensive person-to-person customer support in the telecommunications industry...  more about 800 Adept®
Phone: 407.682.3022 Fax: 407.682.7244 Toll-Free: 800.96-ADEPT Web: Email: mail@800adept.com
A Gateway to your products and promotions via a fast and easy delivery method A direct interaction with your captive audience. Use this powerful tool to connect with your customers on your billboard, TV, radio, paper media and email ad campaigns ... Read More...


Your Own Toll-Free Number As Low As $79 more info Premium Vanity Numbers As low as $195 more info Stand out from the competition. Have a memorable toll-free or vanity number that your customers and prospects will remember. 800 Adept has access to millions of toll-free numbers, including premium vanity numbers [800, 888, 877, 866 & […]
800 Adept® has several patents built from the technology within SmartGEO® and CentraBase® products. Using these patents, 800 Adept® can route calls using longitude and latitude, the most accurate 10-digit routing method available. The following patents have been issued to 800 Adept, Inc. by the United States Patent and Trademark Office: U.S. Patent 5,588,048 U.S. Patent 5,805,689 […]

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